1973 BMW R75/5: Repairing Stripped Threads in Handlebar Assembly

As I was putting the handlebar assemblies back together, I discovered a stripped thread in the casting that holds the pinch bolt. I did a HeliCoil repair, which is the first time I have had to repair threads in an expensive part.  

I wrote up a web page on the repair you can find in the column of web pages on the right and here is the link:

Here are a couple the pictures I took along the way.

Striped Threads & Compression Bolt

Stripped Thread & Compression Bolt

Threading Heilcoil Tap

Running Tap in from Back Side of Assembly

Threading Insert into Tapped Hole

Threading the Insert into Tapped Hole From Backside of Assembly

Here are the finished left and right hand handlebar assemblies with new powder coating and polished levers.  I think they are going to look very nice on the new handlebar.

Assembled Left Side Clutch Assembly

Assembled Left Side Clutch Assembly

Assembled Right Side Throttle Assembly

Assembled Right Side Throttle Assembly

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