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The following is a list of resources I found, used or consulted while doing these projects.

Company Category Notes
Airheads Beemer Club Association I joined them.  One of the early groups formed to support airhead bikes with a chapter in every state and several overseas. A font of knowledge with a monthly newsletter.
BMW MOA Club-Airhead Resources Association I joined them awhile back. There is an active airheads forum and the moderator, Kurt maintains a very good list of airhead resources.
Micapeak Forum for BMW Airhead MC Association I joined them.  Forums and other content for vintage/classic BMW MC from experts and owners
Vintage BMW Motorycycle Owners Association I joined them.  Forums and other content for vintage/classic BMW MC
Bing Agency Carburetor US source for Bing carburetor parts, manuals, repair and rebuild services
Autosol Cleaning, Polishiing Aluminum and metal cleaner, polishes and “Aluminum oil”
webBikeWorld Cleaning, Polishiing Information on cleaning and polishing for motorcycles
Southland Clutch Clutch Refurbishment Refurbish Airhead Clutches with quick turnaround
Keihan Systemss Exhaust After market stainless steel replacement exhaust for BMW MC located in the UK
Niche Cycle Exhaust After market replacement exhaust for BMW MC
Performance Coating Exhaust Exhaust system ceramic coating and paints
Tech Line Exhaust Exhaust system ceramic coating and paints
Air Tech Fairing, Seat Fairings and seats for BMW.
Boxer Café Fairing, Seat Fairings and seats for BMW
The Bolt Guy Fasteners Fastener hardware kits for most BMW motorcycles
Caswell Gas Tank Kits for resealing inside of gas tanks
POR 15 Gas Tank Kits for resealing inside of gas tanks
Dynatek Ignition Provides electronic ingition and dual plug coils
Anton Largiader Information
Technical info and some “How To …” from a respected Airhead Shop
Mark Huggett, BMW Classic Bike Forum Information Web forum for restoration information
Duane Ausherman /2, /5 Technical Information Information
Long time BMW MC guru with good technical content
Moshe Levey Web Site Information
Documents a BMW R75/5 restoration project
Phil Hawksley’s BMW Motorcycle Information Site Information Lots of specifications for all model BMW motorcycles.  Extensive paint scheme, color code listings.
Rocker Boxer Information Collection of café racer conversions of BMW MC.  Good ideas
How To Web Site Information
Video’s on a variety of “How To” topics including motorcyle repair topics
Snowbum – BMW MC Repair Info Information
A large compendium of information and repair procedures for BMW MC, organization is a bit jumbled and instructions not always clear, but good resource
Snowbum – Dual Plug Conversion Information
Snowbum article on doing dual plug conversion
Tech Line Information
How to use their products to paint exhaust systems
Internet BMW Riders
Ron Chambers
Details about the process Ron followed for doing an R90S rebuild.
Bombars Beemers Machine Shop
Component Repairs
Machining of Heads, Cylinders, Rear Drives, Splines etc.
Brunos Machine Shop
Component Repairs
Machining of Heads, Cylinders, Rear Drives, Splines, etc.
Hansen’s Motorcycles Machine Shop
Component Repairs
Machining of Rear Drive Splines
Tom Cutter-Rubber Chicken Garage Machine Shop
Component Repairs
Engine,Transmission, Rear Drive Repair and Rebuild
Benchmark Works Machine Shop
Component Repairs
Engine work and machine shop specializing in BMW work
** No Web Site **
Longs Mechanical Svcs.
74 Risbon Road
Honey Brook, PA  19344
(610) 286-5870
Machine Shop
Specializes in head repair and rework for BMW.  Can fix broken fins and rebuild heads.
Holt BMW Paint Kent Holt is a well respected painter and distributor for Glausrit paint.
Auto Body Tool Mart Paint Comprehensive supplies for preparation and painting
Fire Blades Painting Detailed information on DIY rattle can painting for motorcycles … a bit profane
Sound Rider Painting Information on motorcycle painting
TCP Global Paint
Paint Guns
Wide selection of automotive paint and painting products
Eastwood Paint
Paint Guns
Good selection of paints, materials and painting tools and YouTube Videos
CafeRacer Parts Café racer parts for BMW and other bikes
Euro MotoElectrics Parts Wide variety of airhead parts at good prices
Duncan’s Beemers Parts Used and new parts
Hucky’s Parts Pars for classic and vintage BMW MC
Internet BMW Riders Parts Web ads for used BMW parts and bikes
MotoGoDojo Parts eBay store for new and used parts.
Re-Psycle BMW Parts Parts Used and new BMW parts
Stoner’s Beemer Stash Parts Used BMW parts source with extensive knowledge
The Boxer Works Parts eBay store front for BMW parts
Craig Vetter Repairs
Parts and instructions.
Plast-aid Repairs
Material can be molded and formed to repair many kinds of plastic
Terry Vrla
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 503/421-5782
776 SE 3rd Ave.
Hillsboro, OR 97123
BMW speedometer & odometer repairs
Toaster Tan Steering Upgraded parts for top triple clamp, steering stem nut, etc.
Race Tech Suspension Parts and service including cartridge inserts to upgrade airhead BMW front suspension
Tom Cutter-Rubber Chicken Garage Supsension Based on a long career racing BMW and Ducati motorcycles, Tom provides a variety of suspension components and services
Cycle Works Tools eBay store for vintage and classic parts and special tools.
Eastwood Tools Good selection of auto body and painting tools
Vintage Twins / Colorado Vapor Blasting Vapor Blasting Excellent vapor blasting service as well as airhead BMW service


2022-04-08  Add Vintage Twins, vapor blasting service.

7 thoughts on “Restoration Resources

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  2. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve visited this website before but after going through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

  3. Hi, Brooks, I also have an ’83 R100RS — Alaska Blue in color as well…so I’ve really enjoyed your work so far on your RS, and on the other bikes too. My bike needs some TLC and I’ve been inspired and informed by your work. I’ve just been completely through my petcocks and carbs so I’ve eliminated the gas-on-foot syndrome.

    I’d like to try the Autosol products you use to such great success. I’ve found their web site but they have so many variations I wanted to ask which exact products you use when you say ‘cleaner’ and ‘polish’. I believe you also at one point use the spray oil recommended for aluminum (#1810)?

    When you have a moment could you let me know which product numbers you use?


    Craig Porter
    Dearborn, MI

    • Hi Craig,

      I’m pleased your bike is no longer pissing on your shoes 🙂

      I have used the following AutoSol products:
      Metal Cleaner, Spray Bottle: #2220
      Metal Polish, Liquid, Bottle: #1210
      Aluminum Cleaner, Spray Bottle: #1800
      Aluminum Polish, Tube, Paste: #1824
      Bluing Remover, Bottle: #1290

      I don’t see the aluminum spray oil anymore on their product page, so they may have discontinued #1810.

      I hope this helps.


      • Very big help…thanks much. I will be getting an order to Autosol soon.

        They do have the oil on their (rather confusing) web site but it’s hard to find…I think you do still use it to prolong the affects of the clean/polish cycle?

        Again, thanks.


        • Craig,

          Hmm … that’s frustrating as I entered the part number and got no hits and I went through every page and didn’t see it. That said, I have grey hair and the attention span aint what it used to be 🙂

          Yes, the oil seems to reduce the amount of oxidation of the clean aluminum and adds a bit of luster to it.


          • I’m right there with you on the gray hair, though most of mine is transparent at this point…I found the Aluminum Spray Oil #1810 only in the online catalog but it’s not mentioned in any of the other product categories so I expect you’re correct in saying it’s not on offer anymore..but I still might order some to see what they say.

            Thanks again,


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