1975 R75/6 Install Sienbenrock 1000cc Upgrade Kit

This bike is my first BMW that I bought new in 1975. It’s the first bike I rebuilt. After I put over 100,000 miles on it, I gave it to my son, Branden. In about six years he added another 100,000+ miles on it. So it’s time for a top-end refresh. He decided to install a Siebenrock 1000cc upgrade kit that we got from Euro MotoElectrics.

Here is video of how Branden did the work.

VIDEO: 1975 BMW R75/6 Install Siebenrock 1000cc Upgrade Kit

4 thoughts on “1975 R75/6 Install Sienbenrock 1000cc Upgrade Kit

  1. Thanks for the timely video. We rewatched it for the rebuilding we were doing. We will have it handy in the garage as well. Thanks, Brook

  2. Brook – I once saw you treat an oil pressure switch to some plastic cement to reinforce it where they seem to fail sometimes
    can you remind me which video that was please

    Thanks again and again

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