Airhead Special Tools List

I assembled a document showing the special tools I have acquired to work on my rebuild/restore projects.  So I thought I would let you know about it.

It is organized according to the parts numbering system main categories so it is easier to find the tools you may need based on the work you are thinking of doing. You can contact your ABC air marshal to see if someone in your state has a tool they would loan you so you can use a tool without having to buy it.
That said, this is only a list of tools I have needed, not necessarily all the tools you may need for all work on our airhead bikes. I hope this is helpful.

If You Can’t Sleep ….

I’ve been told listening to water can help you relax. In that vein, here are the sounds of Babbling Brook on the Airhead Type 247 podcast produced by Daren Dortin, that he released today.

Below is a link to it on Spotify, but it’s also available on Apple’s podcast list.

New Podcast – Airheads Type 247

There is a new podcast produced by, Daren Dortin, called “Airhead Type 247” available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. “Type 247” is how BMW identifies the airhead motor and associated motorcycles from 1970 through 1995.

Daren is interviewing folks who have a lot experience with BMW airhead motorcycles. So far he has talked with Ted Porter, The Beemer Shop, Rick Jones, Motorrad Elektric, and Bud Provin, The Nickwackett Garage.

Daren posts a new podcast once every two weeks, +/-. He owns a number of airhead bikes and has had a career in radio for more than 30 years. His interviews open the door to learning more about folks who actively support the airhead community.  You might want to subscribe to his podcasts and relax with a cup of coffee, or an adult beverage, and listen to the opinions, stories and experiences of longtime airhead folks who are passionate about keeping these Bavarian creations on the road.  

Enjoy 🙂

OTRA Day1: R80 G/S & R65LS 40th Anniversary Rally

I left on Saturday morning joined by two friends, Chris and John, who decided to ride along to the St. Francis Motorcycle Museum in St. Francis, Kansas. I noticed a sign for it when I took US-36 to the 2017 R100RS 40th Anniversary Rally, but didn’t feel like I had the time to stop.  The museum is about 200 miles from metropolitan Denver, so it’s about the half-way mark for today’s route which ends in Belleville, KS.

As last time, US-36 is a lightly traveled road in excellent condition with almost no 18-wheelers. The traffic this time was about twice as much as the 2017 trip because I left on Sunday that time and most of Kansas stays home on Sunday. But it was light traffic nonetheless and made for a relaxing ride.

Kansas Border

Kansas Border

Kansas Border-Brook & John

Kansas Border-Brook & John

Kansas Border-Chris & Brook

Kansas Border-Chris & Brook

St Francis Motorcycle Museum

What an enjoyable collection of turn of the 20th century American motorcycles from the numerous manufacturers in business before WWI and the later Great Depression. As is the case with the computer revolution of the middle part of the 20th century, which had a large number of computer hardware companies, the American motorcycle industry consolidated over the next 50 years into a handful of companies. The collection was a delight and even included two BMW’s, an R60S and an R27.

St. Francis Motorcycle Museum Decal

St. Francis Motorcycle Museum Decal

St. Francis Motorcycle Museum-1966 R69S

St. Francis Motorcycle Museum-1968 BMW R69S

St. Francis Motorcycle Museum-1968 BMW R69S

St. Francis Motorcycle Museum-1968 BMW R69S

St. Francis Motorcycle Museum

Geographic Center of the US

After I left John and Chris in Bird City where they turned off to visit a good friend of John’s before heading back home, I continued for another 200 miles to Belleville KS. Not too far from there is the geographic center of the US. Although I didn’t exactly go to the exact spot, I did take some pictures of the memorial to it on US-36.

Geographic Center of The USA

Geographic Center of The USA

Days Slide Show

Here is a slide show of the days pictures, mostly of the fabulous motorcycles on exhibit in the museum.

On The Road Again (OTRG)… R80 G/S & R65LS 40th Anniversary Rally

Gonzo (my 1977 R100RS) and I are going to be on the road again on our way to Todd Trumbore’s home where he is hosting his third airhead 40th anniversary celebration of bikes designed by the legendary Hans Muth, on September 19-22, in Harleysville, PA. (Yes, an ironic location for a BMW airhead rally 🙂 ) This time Todd is celebrating 40 years since the introduction of the iconic R80 G/S and the R65LS models in 1979. Once again, Hans will be in attendance along with a notable list of other airhead and motorcycle legends who will be speaking.  You can see the details here:


R 80 G/S Started the Adventure Bike Category

R65 LS – Distinctive, Minimalist Styling

The first rally Todd hosted was in 2014 for the R90S and the second was in 2017 for the R100RS, which is the rally Gonzo and I first attended. Even though my garage does not yet include an R80 G/S or R65LS, Todd was happy to let me attend the festivities despite riding “only” an RS.

The R80 G/S and R65LS are the last two designs Hans developed for BMW before starting a design studio, Target Design, with some friends, Jan Fellstrom and Hans-Georg Kasten. One notable design from the Target Design studio was the Suzuki Katana in 1980. I find the lines of the R65LS and Katana are similar, as if Hans extended the design vocabulary the BMW R65LS and to the design commissioned by Suzuki for the Katana.

Suzuki Katana-To Me, It Echos The Design Vocabulary of the R65LS

When Gonzo and I went out in 2017, we had an adventure when the shift cam retaining circlip in Gonzo’s transmission came off the shaft. The BMW dealer I ordered it from supplied the wrong size circlip and I was not attentive enough to notice. Gonzo and I ended up being transported to the rally hotel by Scott Mercer with assistance from Tom Gaiser, and Keven O’Neil. Tom Cutter, at Rubber Chicken Racing Garage, one of the best airhead transmission re-builders, was a speaker at the rally and put Gonzo on his trailer while I followed him to his shop riding his “most excellent” R100 “Fake S” bike. He took apart the transmission on the Sunday after the 2017 rally while I watched and assisted with cleaning parts, and I was back on the road that Monday. Here is the story of my adventures going to the 40th anniversary of the RS rally in September 2017.

Although Gonzo and I are very appreciative of Tom’s generous assistance. we plan to avoid imposing on him again on this trip. 🙂

Since I \didn’t complete the entire trip last time in 2017, I am going to take the same route out and back this time. Somehow that seems appropriate.

Gonzo now has “matte” clear coat, which is correct for the 1977 RS bikes, but due to my failure to communicate with my painter, he was repainted with gloss clear coat back in 2017 when I did the restoration. He is also sporting the commemorative badge Todd provided to the participants of the 2017 R100RS rally. I think it’s a very nice touch and a lot classier than the cheap decal BMW originally used on the cowling in 1977.

Gonzo ‘s Matte Clear Coat and Commemorative 40th RS Rally Badge

Rear Cowl With Original "Cheap" Decal BMW Used in 1977

Rear Cowl With Original “Cheap” Decal BMW Used in 1977

Gonzo and I are looking forward to attending this last of the 40th anniversary celebrations of Hans Muth designed BMW motorcycles.

Gonzo’s Excited to Go To Another Todd Trumbore Hosted 40th Anniversary Rally