1983 BMW R100RS/RT First Engine Start

The first engine start is always a major milestone on a project. I usually perform this earlier in the build than I am on this project. But, my gas tank and the other parts that I had painted have been delayed coming back, so I’ve done everything else I can do until I got the gas tank in hand. This Friday, I picked it up and installed it.

I made a detailed check list prior to starting the engine so I wouldn’t forget something and improve the likelihood the engine will start.

Here is a link to the procedure I followed to prepare for the engine start, and how I performed the all important initial bedding in of the new piston rings with the new Nikasil coated  cylinders.

I also made a summary video of the procedure and recorded the engine start.

VIDEO: 1983 BMW R100RS/RT First Engine Start


5 thoughts on “1983 BMW R100RS/RT First Engine Start

  1. Excellent – nicely done Brooks! Congratulations and many thanks for the thorough and very comprehensive documentation of your work to date.

    • Hi Peter,

      You’re welcome. Next up is getting the fairing installed now that I have all the parts back from painting.


  2. Congratulations Brook! Love the work you do and the great detail you show us to help when we are working on our bikes. You make a great teacher!


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