1973 BMW R75/5: Progress Report

At this stage in the project, the bike is apart. Last week, I took the frame, sub-frame, center stand,  battery box halves, headlight ears, license plate bracket and the handlebar controls to Brad at BFN Industries,  a local company near me in Arvada, CO.

Parts Going to Powder Coater

Parts Ready for Powder Coating


Ready for Powder Coater

Frame Ready for Powder Coat – Tie Wraps Indicate Threaded Holes

In the picture above, you can see the parts are in bags stored in boxes in the workshop.

The BMW panniers are from my R1150-RS which was  apart until yesterday as I installed the rebuilt Ohlins shocks, updated the GPS wiring and installed a replacement HID bi-xenon bulb. As happens sometimes, all this took twice as long as I expected.

The heads are out for rebuilding and ought to be heading back from Longs Mechanical Services before too long.

I’ve been in touch with Zach at Woody’s Wheel Works here in Denver for pricing on spokes, wheel lacing and other options for the wheels. I’m still thinking about the options. I did find some nice polished stainless steel spoke kits at Hucky’s … decisions, decisions.

I’ve been working away at cleaning, restoring and polishing fasteners and assorted parts for the last month. When I get done with a set of related parts, I label a zip-lock bag and put them into the “ready to assemble” boxes. The number of parts in the “to be restored” box are dwindling, so I’m making progress on that front.

I’ve sent out orders for new parts to Hucky’s, BMW of Denver and Cycle Works in Kansas.  I should have those orders in hand by the end of this week.  With those parts, I should have 90% of the new parts on hand (there’s always another order it seems 😉 )

My work list is getting check marks but, there’s still a goodly number of things to work on.  Here’s the current status of the work list.

Front Wheel
Remove fairing
Repair fairing
Stip fairing
Paint faring
Remove fender
Strip fender
Paint fender
Remove brake cable
Remove front wheel
Remove tire and tube
Remove spokes
Clean & polish wheel and rim
Install new spokes OR clean old and install
Inspect brakes
OK Replace brake shoes
Inspect wheel bearings
Replace wheel bearings
Grease wheel bearings
Replace tire and tube
Replace brake cable
Adjust front brake
Rear Wheel
Remove rear fender
Strip rear fender
Paint rear fender
Remove rear wheel
Remove tire and tube
Remove spokes
Clean & polish wheel and rim
Install new spokes OR clean old and install
Inspect rear brake shoes
OK Replace brake shoes
Inspect wheel bearings
Replace wheel bearings
Grease wheel bearings
Clean & polish wheel and  rim
Clean & polish rear spokes
Replace tire and tube
Install rear wheel
Adjust brakes
Front Fork
Remove handlebars
Remove triple clamp
Inspect steering head bearings
Replace steering head bearings
Install new bearings/races
Reassemble steering head & forks
Drain and Remove forks
Disassemble forks
Replace all rubber o-rings, bushings, etc.
Reassemble forks
Remove rider foot pads
Remove brake cable
Remove clutch cable
Remove throttle cables
Remove choke cables
Remove handlebar grips
Remove handlebar controls
Powder coat handle bar perches
Strip and Paint switch covers
Remove handle bars
Replace handlebars
Polish mirrors
Polish control  levers
Install handle bars
Install handlebar controls
Install brake cable
Install clutch cable
Install throttle cable
Install handlebar grips
Engine, Clutch
Remove Carbs
Rebuild carbs
Clean & polish air tubes
Clean & polish hose clamps
Remove air box halfs
Clean and polish air box halfs
Remove starter cover
Clean and polish starter cover
Remove valve cover
Remove head
Remove cylinder
Rebuild head
Remove piston
Remove rings
Remove engine
Clean piston
Measure cylinder bore
Gap new rings
Install new rings
Remove clutch
Inspect clutch for wear and condition
Remove flywheel
Refresh paint on timing marks
Replace Rear Main Seal
Replace Oil Pump Seal
Assemble flywheel and clutch
Remove oil pan
Clean & polish oil pan
Inspect screen
Install new pan gasket
Replace cam shaft seal
Clean and polish engine case
Install cylinder base gasket
Install push rod tube bushings
Install cylinders
Install pistons
Install head gasket
Install heads
Set valves
Install valve cover gasket
Install valve covers
Install carbs
Balance carbs
Set timing
Remove transmission
Clean and inspect
Replace clutch throw-out felt, gaskets, seals
Lube splines
Install transmission
Install new speedometer cable
Install new clutch cable
Remove tank
Strip tank
Paint tank
Remove petcocks
Rebuild petcocks
Install petcocks
Install tank
install new fuel lines
Install new air cleaner
Install air box and starter cover
Remove seat
Remove side panes
Strip and paint side panels (Blue Stripes)
Remove front foot pegs
Polish pegs
Install footpeg rubbers
Remove rear foot pegs
Polish pegs
Install footpeg rubbers
Remove side stand
Clean, polish side stand
Remove center stand
Remove shocks
Clean and polish shocks
Clean and polish shock covers
Remove battery box
Powder coat battery box
Remove battery
Replace battery
Replace (+) and (-) cables
Remove rear frame
Powder coat rear frame
Remove Rear Turn Signals & Tail light
Clean and polish turn signals
Strip and paint brake light
Replace turn signal stalk
Remove swing arm
Strip paint
Paint swing arm
Remove electrics
Remove wiring harness
Remove headlight shell
Powder coat frame
Powder coat sub-frame
Powder coat battery box
Powder coat license plate braket
Powder coat center stand
Assemble center stand
Assemble electrics
Mount wiring harness
Mount engine in frame
Mount side stand
Assemble oil filter and cover
Mount transmission to engine
Lube output shaft splines
Mount swing arm
Assemble rear frame
Assemble shocks
Mount Seat

I started with a work list when I was planning the build and I update it periodically as I go.  It keeps getting longer, but the rate of increase slowing down  🙂

The budget estimate at this point is on the order of $3,700 to finish the project.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see that number go up by 25% which is the nature of these projects.  There’s always something else you didn’t expect, isn’t there?

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