1983 BMW R100RS Remove the Front End

I finished removing the front end from the bike last week. I wrote up two articles showing how I do this work that you can find here:

Before doing this work, I also removed the center stand as I put the bike on my portable motorcycle lift to make it easier to remove the wheels and forks.

In summary, these articles show how to remove:

  • Handlebar controls,
  • Handlebar,
  • Instruments & bracket
  • Steering damper,
  • Front fender,
  • Front wheel,
  • front fender brace,
  • Front forks
  • Steering stem & fork top plate

I started here:

Ready To Remove the Front End

Ready To Remove the Front End

and ended up here.

Front End Removed

Front End Removed

Next on the work list is removing the rear wheel, rear drive, swing arm, rear sub-frame and seat lock mechanism.

2 thoughts on “1983 BMW R100RS Remove the Front End

  1. Thanks Brook for all your great work showing us how to do our own bikes! Really very helpful and inspiring to take it on ourselves!

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your kind words. The more we know, the easier it becomes to work on them, and the longer these great motorcycles will stay on the road. 🙂


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