1983 R80ST Replace Swing Arm Bearings

I removed the swing arm bearings before I had the swing arm powder coated. The swing arm bearings are the same sealed bearings used on the 1983 R100RS that I previously rebuilt, so the procedure for replacing them on the R80ST is the same. In this document I link to the previous documentation for the 1983 R100RS as appropriate.

Here is a short video summarizing the work.

VIDEO: 1983 BMW R80ST Replace Swing Arm Bearings

Earlier versions of the airhead swing arm used traditional bearings with a separate inner and outer race. I show how to replace that style swing arm bearing here.

2 thoughts on “1983 R80ST Replace Swing Arm Bearings

  1. Nice video Brook. Why didn’t you freeze the bearing before install? Wouldn’t that have made it slide in easier?

    • Hi Michael,

      I thought about that, but it would warm pretty quick due to the length of time it would be in contact with the swing arm. So I opted for the “get a bigger hammer” strategy.


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