1983 BMW R80ST Project Complete

I started this restoration in December 2021 and completed it in early July 2023. There were some periods when I was otherwise occupied and wasn’t able to work on this project. I estimate it took about 16-18 months of work to complete this restoration.

My goal is to auction the bike and donate all the proceeds to the Motorcycle Relief Project.

Here is a link to pictures of the completed rebuild of this 1983 R80ST.

This is a walk-around video I made prior to starting the rebuild,

VIDEO: 1983 BMW R80ST Pre-Build Inspection

This is a video of the walk-around of the completed rebuilt bike.

VIDEO: 1983 BMW R80ST Project Complete Walk-Around



8 thoughts on “1983 BMW R80ST Project Complete

    • Alan,

      Thank you. I’m working out where and when to auction the bike. I’ll let everyone know the details in advance.


  1. I have been following the restoration process on this as well as some of the other projects that you have done. Your attention to detail and explanations are the best I have seen.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Morning.

    I have a 1983 brochure and took pictures of the ST. If you’re interested in them, how do I send them to you?

    What site will the bike be auctioned on?

    Thanks, Jim

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