Silver Ghost Restoration-Part 4 Getting Ready for Paint Shop

I’ve bumped into a fellow, Dave Porter,  in town who owns a bycycle shop (Arvada Bicycle Company) and who also has a business selling used, new and NOS Triumph parts and does Triumph restorations.  It turns out, his son and my son have been friends throughout their school years.

Dave gave me a couple of leads on folks in the Denver area (one in Arvada) who do paint work.  Today, I pulled the rear fender, side covers and tank off the Silver Ghost in preparation for getting some painting estimates.

The first step was to remove the tail light bracket & turn signal bracket along with the license plate holder

Tail Light Bracket Remove

Next, I removed the four bolts that attach the fender to the subframe and carefully rotated the fender toward the rear around the tire.  I kept all the bolts and steel straps on the rear subframe so I don’t loose them.  I’ll be removing the subframe and replacing with a used one since the original subframe has cracked and broken through.

Rear Fender

Last, I removed the gas tank and drained the fuel into a gas can.  Remember that each pet cock has a reserve setting, so you have to drain the reserve fuel from each side.  Then, with all the gas out, remove the pet cocks from the tank.  The nut next to the tank takes a 24mm open end and pet cock body takes a 17 mm open end.

Here’s the end result.  Total time was about 45 mins.

Rear Fender Removed Fenders & Tank off

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