Silver Ghost Restoration-Part 5 Battery, Ignition, Exhaust, Carbs, Misc Parts

I’ve been busy using Max BMW’s parts finder to look up parts and retail prices.  I put together a spreadsheet to collect all that information and to let me do some “what if” scenarios on options.  I’ve also been visiting eBay regularly for their motorcycle parts listings.   It’s amazing what and how much for old BMW’s is there.  It’s a great resource.

Battery Box

I’ve decided to replace the modified battery box that I cut the sides off to fit a lawn tractor battery, with a stock box.  eBay has quite a few of them as good prices.

Battery Box

Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster has a cracked back where the cable harness plugs in.  I also suspect the circuit board wiring has a break as some of the lights don’t illuminate.  I found this set on eBay.  The exterior plastic housing is pretty scratehed, but he parts I really want are in good shape.

Instrument Cluster Parts

Exhaust System

I had kept the original header pipes and mufflers with the intent of using them again.  But upon finding them and looking at them, they are dented, scuffed and pretty used up.  So, new exhaust and mufflers from an after market supplier (stock BMW is just too $$$$)

Niche Supply – R75-6 Complete Exhaust System

Ignition System

The points ingnition system needs to be upgraded.  The breaker plate has problems and I’m not sure the points cam doesn’t need to be replaced.  I had the heads bored for dual plugs and used an Accel amplifier and dual ignition coil set back in 1980, but it was diagnosed as faulty several years ago.  I pulled the second plug wires, bought new coils and went back to the stock ignition.  Okay, let’s do the DynaTeck electronic ignition with dual port coils and a new set of dual plug wires in YELLLLLOOOOWWWW  ….

Dyanteck D35-1 Electronic Ignition

DyanTeck DC2-1 Dual Port Coils

YELLLOOWW Dual Ignition Wires


I broke the float hinge post on one of my carbs many years ago.  I had epoxed it together, but that really wasn’t working.  Several years ago, to get on top rough running problems, I found a carb body from an R75/5 and used that.  I still have the orignal carb body.  You can see the left pin is shorter than the right.

Bing Carb - Broken Float Hinge Casting

The Bing Agency offers parts and repairs for all Bing carbs used on BMW motorcycles since 1926.  They can fix this broken pin.  It’s about $35.00, so I’m going to send it to them and let them do their magic.  I wish I had known about them back when I decided to buy the used R75/5 carb body.  No worries.  Either I’ll put it on eBay or use it when I rebuild Rochelle’s R75/5.  I’ve been looking at their rebuild kits, and am going to go with the #6 kit.  That provides all new gaskets, o-rings, diaphrams, jet needles, needle jets, float needles, new floats and the throttle plate screws.  As my carbs are 35 years old w/ 100,000+ miles, I think they deserve a complete rebuild.


I also stumbled on some R90-S bar end mirrors the other day, and decided to go with them.  I’m either going to restore this as a naked bike, or budget permitting, put an R90-S style bullet faring with screen on the front.

R90-S Bar End MirrorsR90-S Faring

Font Turn Signals

I lost the front turn signal stalks when I put the Windjammer on.   I picked up front stalks, turn signals and lens on eBay. Shortly thereafter, as I was cleaning up the garage and going through my various part stashes, I found my orignal signals and lens.  Eventually, something will go back on eBay.

R75-6 Front Signal stalk, signals, lens

 R90S Style Faring

I’d like to put this on the bike as it has a cool 1970 cafe racer style to it.  Budget is the issue.

R90-S Faring

I found that Boxer Cafe has some reproduction R90-S faring with dash at a very good price.  They advertize windscreens from Gustafson that are pretty inexpensive as well.  When I get the paint estimate, I’ll decide what I can afford.

So, most of the parts are identified and many ordered from suppliers.  Clem hopes to complete checking out the top end of the engine by the end of next week.

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