Silver Ghost Restoration-Part 9 Update on Carbs, Engine and Painting

Parts Cleaning

Well, not as much progress as I would have liked, but progress nonetheless. The weather has not been very cooperative for working in the garage until today. So, I washed and cleaned the fenders, tank and side covers in preparation for sanding them down.

I’ve also been grinding out the cracks in the fiberglass around bolt holes in preparation for repairing these stress cracks.

Grinding out Fiber Glass Cracks

Today I also got the cylinders and cylinder heads back from Clem.  He has the rings gapped, and provided a new carburetor top as mine had a cracked throttle cable bushing.  I also expect the repaired carburetor back from the Bing Agency next week along with the carb rebuild kit.

I sent out the cylinder head with the cracked fin to Randy Long of Long’s Custom Services in Pennsylvania.  He specializes in head work and can repair the cracked fins.  You can see the blue paint from the wheel well of my Saturn where I hooked the cylinder head when I was backing out of the garage.  When I get the repaired head back, I’ve got a couple of places who can bead blast the cylinders and heads and I’ll get them cleaned up.

Cylinder Head Fin Damage

I’ve decided to go ahead and add an R90S fairing and may have located one in good shape with most of the hardware.  I picked up the correct turn signal stalks which are longer than the ones on the R75/6 on eBay last week.  The longer R90S stalks are used for the lower mounting points for the fairing.

I’ve been updating the budget as I go and right now I’m just a bit over budget based on current purchases and estimates for the remaining parts and materials, so that’s good.

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