Silver Ghost Restoration-Part 8 Update on Parts, Engine & Work Plan

Parts have been coming in and I’m under the impression that I’ve ordered most of what I need.  To date, I’ve received:

  • Battery Box, strap and hardware
  • Bar end mirrors
  • Electronic ignition and 2-port coils
  • Ignition wires
  • Exhaust and mufflers
  • Instrument cluster circuit board and back  plate

I sent one of the carburetors to Bing International  last week.   See part 5.  I ordered the #6 rebuild kit and Bing Carburetor maunal which I’ll receive when they return the repaired carb.

Other items I still have to get include:

  • Clutch neutral switch and gaskets (leaking and bike doesn’t start in gear when the clutch is pulled in)
  • Gas tank rondels
  • Gas tank nuts and washers
  • Cylinder head gasket (seems I only have one, not two)
  • Rings

I also have to decide if I am going to keep the stock seat, or get the Bushong cafe seat w/ tail cone and have that upolstered and paint it .  And, I  have to make the call on the R90s aftermarket fairing.

I heard back from Clem at BMW of Denver last week on the engine.  The good news is it checked out fine.  I was concerned the valve seats may have needed replacement, but they are doing well.   I’ll need new rings, but that’s about it for engine parts as I have all the gaskets except one.

One of fins on the right cylinder head got broken [I hooked my car bumper on it a couple years ago when I was backing out of the garge … one of the lowest days I’ve had in a long time 🙁   I found a guy in Kansas, Cycle Works,  that repairs them, and sent a note for a quote.

I realized that there are quite a few rennovations being done.  I put together a spreadsheet of the work and then grouped the tasks by major subsystem.  Finally, I organized them into a work flow that I hope will keep the work orderly and prevent forgeting tasks or having to remove what I just installed to do the next step.  I was surprised by how many things are getting done.  The task list will come in handy to help Branden and I coordinated.

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