Colorado Airheads Celebrate “4/20”

Colorado is infamous as one of two states to legalize personal possession of marijuana. And, for several years, 4/20 has been a date for “pot heads” to come together and indulge.

So, it was fitting that yesterday, 4/20, I was invited to attend an Airhead Tech Day. Airhead riders congregated and got high, not from the consumption of cannabis, but from working on air-cooled BMW motorcycles, or Airheads in the vernacular.

My wife and I own two Airhead BMWs; I, a 1975 R75/6, and she, a 1973 R75/5.  As her’s is in the midst of a rebuild, and she had a guitar lesson, only the”Silver Ghost” and I attended the festivities.

I think it fair to say all those in the driveway and on the street got high on the camaraderie, the eye candy of the many Airhead bikes, and the exchange of knowledge, wrenching and advice that was in abundant supply.It was a most excellent day.  If you want to join the Airhead BMW Club, visit their web page:

And, here are some pictures:


The Grey Ghost


Radar’s R100RS … Lust, Lust 🙂


Another R100RS , More Lusting


Sidehack. On the Wish List

5 thoughts on “Colorado Airheads Celebrate “4/20”

  1. Hi Brook,
    It was good to have you out there. The event went well with a fine turn out and some good wrench turning going on. I was also encouraged by the “newer” Airheads that showed up, i.e. those under 40! It was good to have so many experts, liars and tire kickers in one place to pass on the BMW oral traditions as well as on-site tactile learning. Every year someone comments on how they didn’t realize there were so many other Airheads out there! Instead of suffering the rapture of these machines alone they have found a support group whose therapy technique consists of spirited twisty rides and Zen level maintenance training. I hope to see you again at some of the other events planned for the front range this year.
    Ride well,

    • Dick,

      Cool beans, my friend. Your hospitality was first rate.

      Rides for Airheads. Anytime that therapy is provided, ping me.


  2. Awesome site! Sorry I missed that Airhead party, but I was picking up my first BMW, a 1972 R75/5, in St. Louis and making the long haul back to Denver on a site unseen bike. I’m impressed by what a 40 year old airhead can do without a rebuild and can’t wait to see the rest of your restoration.


  3. Good to see so many old air head Bmw’s in use . Hear in Britain we have no air head club and last year i only saw two on the road all year . Only one so far this year ,in January.
    At this rate all the good old late 20th century bikes will all rot away before anyone notices they are lost, shame. The /5 /6 and /7 airheads are by far the most workmanlike bikes ever made. MDH

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