1973 R75/5 Rebuild: Progress Report #2

I thought I would provide a progress report on this project.  There has been a lapse in my posts.  My wife and I spend six weeks in Europe (all of June) with three of those weeks engaged in “applied motorcycling” as we rode on two guided motorcycle tours.  The first was in eastern Europe riding in parts of the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania. Here’s my trip report, A Motorcycle Tour of Eastern Europe: “Combat Touring” in the Balkans.  And the second was in the Pyrenees and I’ll be posting a trip report on that ride soon.

After returning, there were a number of things to get on top of including a major landscaping project, and all of a sudden, it’s early August. I finally got back into the shop this week and started by reviewing what I had completed so far (see the work plan below).

I was able to remove the clutch and flywheel just before I left for Europe. Upon inspection of the clutch, I decided to replace it. I ordered the parts from Tom Cutter at Rubber Chicken Racing Garage and they came in just before I left. I’ll start work on replacing the rear main seal and oil pump cover o-ring and then getting the flywheel and clutch back into the engine block and I’ll post a web page on that work soon.

I decided to go back to the carburetors and replace the screws on the top covers with new stainless steel ones. Some of the slots in the screws had been enlarged so time to get that taken care of.  And, I wanted to add the spring on top of the slide that was included staring in 1977. I’ve heard this improves smoothness and I did the same upgrade to the carburetors in the R75/6 project.  I’ll update the carburetor rebuild page to include this.

Here’s the spring and how I installed it.

Carburetor Spring

1977 Carburetor Spring

Carburetor Spring

Carburetor Spring on Top of  Slide

Spring Installed

Spring Installed Between Slide and Top

I also tried a little trick to ensure the throttle screws on both carburetors are just touching the tab on the throttle shaft. I slipped a piece of paper between the tab and the top of the adjusting screw and then tightened the screw until I could just feel the drag on the paper. I always have a hard time ensuring the screws are evenly touching the tab when the carburetors are mounted, so this way they are even before I install them.

Using Paper To Adjust Throttle Screw

Using Paper To Adjust Throttle Screw So it Just Touches the Tab

Here is the progress on the task list so far.  The good news is there are more check marks since the last report in March.  But, there are still quite a few tasks to keep me busy 🙂

Front Wheel
Remove fairing
Repair fairing
Stip fairing
Paint faring
Remove fender
Strip fender
Paint fender
Remove brake cable
Remove front wheel
Remove tire and tube
Remove spokes
Clean & polish wheel and rim
Install new spokes OR clean old and install
Inspect brakes
Replace brake shoes
Inspect wheel bearings
Inspect, Replace wheel bearings if needed
Grease wheel bearings
Replace tire and tube
Replace brake cable
Adjust front brake
Rear Wheel
Remove rear fender
Strip rear fender
Paint rear fender
Remove rear wheel
Remove tire and tube
Remove spokes
Clean & polish wheel and rim
Install new spokes OR clean old and install
Remove Rear Drive
Clean & Polish
Inspect rear brake shoes
Replace brake shoes
Inspect wheel bearings
Inspect, Replace wheel bearings if needed
Grease wheel bearings
Clean & polish wheel and  rim
Install new spokes
Replace tire and tube
Install rear wheel
Lube rear drive splines
Adjust brakes
Front Fork
Remove handlebars
Remove headlight
Clean and repair paint
Install headlight
Remove triple clamp
Inspect steering head bearings
Replace steering head bearings
Install new bearings/races
Reassemble steering head
Install and align forks
Drain and Remove forks
Disassemble forks
Replace all rubber o-rings, bushings, etc.
Reassemble forks
Remove rider foot pads
Remove brake cable
Remove clutch cable
Remove throttle cables
Remove choke cables
Remove handlebar grips
Remove handlebar controls
Powder coat handle bar perches
Strip switch brackets
Paint switch brackets
Remove handle bars
Replace handlebars
Polish mirrors
Polish control  levers
Install handle bars
Install handlebar controls
Install brake cable
Install clutch cable
Install throttle cable
Install handlebar grips
Engine, Clutch
Remove Carbs
Rebuild carbs
Clean & polish air tubes
Clean & polish hose clamps
Remove air box halfs
Clean and polish air box halfs
Remove starter cover
Clean and polish starter cover
Remove valve cover
Remove head
Remove cylinder
Rebuild head
Remove piston
Remove rings
Remove engine
Clean piston
Measure cylinder bore
Gap new rings
Install new rings
Remove clutch
Inspect clutch for wear and condition
Replace clutch
Remove flywheel
Refresh paint on timing marks
Replace Rear Main Seal
Repair Oil Leak in Flywheel Bolt Hole
Replace Oil Pump Seal
Install flywheel
Assemble & Install clutch
Remove oil pan
Clean & polish oil pan
Inspect screen
Install new pan gasket
Replace cam shaft seal
Clean and polish engine case
Clean top cover
Clean front cover
Install cylinder base gasket
Install push rod tube bushings
Install cylinders
Install pistons
Install head gasket
Install heads
Set valves
Install valve cover gasket
Install valve covers
Install carbs
Balance carbs
Set timing
Remove transmission
Clean and inspect
Replace clutch throw-out felt, gaskets, seals
Lube splines
Install transmission
Install new speedometer cable
Install new clutch cable
Remove tank
Strip tank
Paint tank
Remove petcocks
Rebuild petcocks
Install petcocks
Install tank
install new fuel lines
Install new air cleaner
Install air box and starter cover
Remove seat
Remove side panes
Strip and paint side panels (Blue Stripes)
Remove front foot pegs
Polish pegs
Install footpeg rubbers
Remove rear foot pegs
Polish pegs
Install footpeg rubbers
Remove side stand
Clean, polish side stand
Remove center stand
Remove shocks
Clean and polish shocks
Clean and polish shock covers
Powder coat shock springs
Remove battery box
Powder coat battery box
Remove battery
Replace battery
Replace (+) and (-) cables
Remove rear frame
Powder coat rear frame
Remove Rear Turn Signals & Tail light
Clean and polish turn signals
Strip tail light
Paint tail light
Replace turn signal stalk
Remove swing arm
Powder coat swing arm
Replace swing arm bearings
Remove electrics
Remove wiring harness
Remove headlight shell
Powder coat frame
Powder coat sub-frame
Powder coat battery box
Powder coat license plate braket
Powder coat center stand
Powder coat swing arm
Assemble center stand
Assemble electrics
Mount wiring harness
Mount engine in frame
Mount side stand
Assemble oil filter and cover
Mount transmission to engine
Lube output shaft splines
Mount swing arm
Mount rear drive
Assemble rear frame
Assemble shocks
Mount Seat

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