1973 R75/5 Rebuild: Painting Tank, Fenders, Windjammer & Tail Light

I’ve completed painting the tank, fenders, Windjammer fairing and the rear tail light assembly.

Here is the link to the write-up on this work.

I did this starting from setting up the High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) paint guns I bought through buffing and polishing the clear coat in this write-up. I had problems getting the HVLP gun to apply the primer, but found the answer to getting the gun to atomize properly.  It works different than the older syphon feed style gun I had used before.  I finally found some good videos about how to set up an HVLP gun and spraying techniques. Things went a lot smoother after that.

You can see how bad the second coat of primer was in these pictures.

Very Chunky Front Fender

Very Chunky Primer on Front Fender

Very Chunky 2nd Primer Coat:-(

Chunky Primer on Gas Tank 🙁

And here is the front fender and tank after polishing the clear coat along with a picture of the painted tail light assembly. I’m pleased with the outcome although it took over 2 months to get his part of the project done. I have nothing but admiration for those who make a living painting, particularly if they paint motorcycle parts.

Front Fender Polished

Front Fender Polished

Gas Tank Polished

Gas Tank Polished

Repainted Tail Light Housing

Rattle Can Painted Tail Light Housing After Sanding and Polishing

I still need to sand, buff and polish the clear coat on the fairing and to add the pin stripes. I’ll write-up how I did paint the pin stripes when I get that done.


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