1983 BMW R100RS Rebuild: Replace Choke and Throttle Cables

When I did the inspection of the bike, the throttle and choke cables looked pretty worn with kinks showing in the outer armor. The Bowden connector rubber boots are disintegrating. I’m replacing the cables before riding the bike as I don’t want a stuck throttle or broken cable to happen. I found removing the cables from the Bowden connector required a little technique, but once I figured this out for the choke, the throttle was done pretty quickly.

Here is the procedure I followed:

Here are a couple before and after pictures.

Choke Lever Removed from Housing

Choke Lever Removed from Housing (Note Broken Strand in Choke Cable)

Choke Bowden Connector on Left Side

Choke Bowden Connector on Left Side With Disintegrating Rubber Boot

Choke Cable Part Numbers

Choke Cable Part Numbers

Assembled Choke Bowden Cable

Assembled Choke Bowden Cable

I’m completing a front fork rubber cup replacement and check of the fork alignment. I hope to post that soon. After that, I think the bike is ready for my first ride.

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