Colorado Airhead Beemer Club April “Tech Day & Chili Meat”

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, the Colorado Airhead Beemer Club (CO-ABC) held a Tech Day at Dick Paschen’s house. The day dawned with rain clouds, mist and for those who rode, a chance to clean the dead bugs off our riding suits.

Dick is the Air Marshal for Colorado and has been hosting these for a number of years. He always provides great hospitality, access to his tools and good eats and coffee to fuel the faithful. This year was no exception.

I saw around 25-30 airhead riders over the course of the day. Interestingly enough, a number of bikes needed carburetor balancing. Matt Parkhouse (author of the monthly airhead column in the BMW MOA magazine) attended and rapidly performed many of these adjustments. Also, Clem Cykowski (retired owner of BWM of Denver) came by and provided assistance where needed.  The always willing Don Wreyford helped sort out a front disk brake problem, valve adjustments and helped several others with their “problem de jour.”

Tim Balough from Alma and Brian Eagleson from Salida rode over to spend the day with those of us living on the front range. Tim is going to host a Tech Day in June in Alma, so make plans to attend. You won’t be disappointed.

If you want to keep up to date on what the CO-ABC is doing and get details about Tim’s upcoming Tech Day, join the CO-ABC Down To Meet group here:



2 thoughts on “Colorado Airhead Beemer Club April “Tech Day & Chili Meat”

    • Hi Dom,

      We missed you but at least you were doing the “dirty work” so others didn’t have to 🙂 I hope you can attend the Mountain Man Tech Day in June at Tim’s place in Alma.


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