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My system administrator made a major update to the software that supports “Brook’s Airhead Garage” yesterday evening. We don’t expect any problems, but if you notice something amiss, or experience unexpected behavior, please leave a comment for me and I’ll have the administrator look into it.


4 thoughts on “Site Software Updated

  1. Brook,

    I’m a relatively new fan of yours. I am the original owner of a 1976 R90/6, that runs fine and looks great. Last June 2019 I purchased a 1977 R100RS from Frank Pons, an Airhead in Commerce City, and trailered it back to California, my current home. I was born in Arvada and lived there 35 years, graduated Arvada High; went to college at CSU in Ft. Collins. I love Colorado.

    I treasure your series on the 1977 R100RS rebuild, and the series on your other BMWs. I enjoy the wrenching as much (or more) that riding. I enjoyed your email series on Gonzo for the trip back to the 40th BMW rally in Pennsylvania. I hope the fairing bandage is healed by now 🙂

    My question to you: do you accept donations to help defray the cost of posting all of your wonderful series and for maintaining the web site? I would gladly pay a subscription fee to access your information, if it comes to that. In the meantime, let me know about donations. This seems too good to be true for free.

    • Hi Greg,

      I know Frank and am glad his 1977 RS has a good home.

      Thank you for the kind words. I don’t accept donations as this is my “retirement therapy”. Making the information I learn freely available is its own reward.

      Sadly, Gonzo has a scar, but I have plans for some “plastic surgery” soon that should make him look like new. 🙂


    • Hi Bill,

      Thank you for coming by and your kind words. I have “just a bit” more to do on the 1983 RS->RT project :-), so there ought to be more content coming.


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