1983 BMW R100RS/RT Assembly From The Frame Up Page

I put together a page showing the order in which I am assembling the bike on this project. I will add to it as I go. In most of this document I link to other pages I posted, but for some work that is not particularly detailed, I show how to do the work in the Assembly page.

There is also a companion document that shows how I disassembled the bike.

I also have documented the project work on a Project Index page that includes a list of every document I published for this project organized by parts fiche major component number.

Here is a link to the YouTube videos I’ve posted about this project on my channel.

Lastly, there is a complete archive of all the pictures on Flickr.


2 thoughts on “1983 BMW R100RS/RT Assembly From The Frame Up Page

  1. Brooks, my name is Dave and this is a long shot but I am desperately in need of your advise. I’m building a 78 R100/7 and I have a question I think only you can answer? Please this isn’t a robot or anything like that, if you can help me I’d be forever in your debt. My email is [deleted] and my phone number is [deleted]. Once again if you can reach out I really would appreciate it thank you!

    • Hi Dave,

      First of all, I’m an amateur wrench whose experience is limited to the four bikes I have rebuilt, so I am not an authority. That said, you should consider joining the micapeak airhead forum (https://lists.micapeak.com/mailman/listinfo/airheads) as several long time professional mechanics hang out there helping us amateur’s with our projects. It’s where I picked up most of what I have learned about wrenching on them over the past decade.

      You can always post a question here, if you wish, as others may also be able to provide some help based on their experience.


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