1983 BMW R100RS Install Seat and Fork Locks

I completed installation of the fork and seat locks. I show the assembly of the seat latch mechanism and installation and also made a short video showing how I do the work.

VIDEO: 1983 BMW R100RS Install Fork and Seat Locks

Here is a link showing how I removed the locks.

2 thoughts on “1983 BMW R100RS Install Seat and Fork Locks

  1. Hello Brook, Question on the rear brake master cylinder video you did. At the end you just pushed the piston in, along with the washer, seal, and stiffener ring. My question is for the stiffener ring. It is not grabbing and staying tight. It just slips right out. I tried using a deep well socket to seat the stiffener ring and it kinda worked. It seated most of the ring but bent some of the ring. I was not happy and will have to order a whole new $50 kit. Your video just shows you push it in like butter. Nothing else, seems so easy. Am I missing something? do you use something to push the seal/stiffening ring into “final” position?

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