Airhead Electrical Systems: 1977 R100RS Wiring Circuits

I’ve published several documents about the airhead electrical systems including the /5, 1975-76 /6 along with information about how the electrical components work. You can find links to all these electrical system documents here:

I’ve been working on these over the winter on days that I don’t feel like going into the shop. This winter, I completed the electrical circuits document for the /7 series, 1977 R100RS. This wiring system configuration was used only on the 1977 R100RS.

Since the electrical components are so similar to those I documented for the /6 series, I’m not going to publish one for the /7 series.

5 thoughts on “Airhead Electrical Systems: 1977 R100RS Wiring Circuits

  1. Brook,
    I have skimmed through your recent series on electrical circuits and components, and it seems like another great resource. Fortunately, I don’t have any issues now, or I would have spent more time reviewing them.

    Thanks again for help keeping the marques on the road. Your work and willingness to share are most appreciated by many!

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Brook,

    your information is soo useful, seriously. Any thoughts to make a book to preserve all the hints and notes or make them offline available?

    Lupo (Germany)

    • Hi Lupo,

      I have no plans to put this material on a printed page. That said, you can always print out all the content yourself to save it if you wish.


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