1973 BMW R75/5 Rebuild: Install the Engine and Transmission

It’s time to put parts back into the frame :-).  The first to go in is the engine followed by the transmission. You can read about what I did here:

I used information from the following resources to plan this work.

As I had the engine stripped down, I was able to lift it into the frame by myself using some straps so my hands weren’t under the oil pan. The transmission isn’t very heavy, but there isn’t much clearance when the engine is installed and I had to remove the kick start lever or it wouldn’t fit.

Here are a couple pictures from the write-ups.

Engine Installation

Polished Engine

Polished Engine Ready to Install Into The Frame

Engine In Frame Resting on Lift

Engine In Frame Resting on Motorcycle Lift

Left Side Shackle and Side Stand

Left Side Shackle Keeps Side Stand on Pivot Pin (Looking Toward Rear)

Engine In Frame & Secured to Lift

Engine In Frame & Secured to Lift

Transmission Installation

Refinished Left Side

Refinished Transmission Ready to Install in the Frame

Clutch Throwout Parts

Clutch Throw Out Assembly Parts

Frame Protection

Frame Protection Before Inserting Transmission In the Frame

Clutch Throwout Rod Bearing Assembly

Clutch Throw Out Bearing Assembly Showing Direction and Order of Insertion into Bearing Housing

Job Done

Transmission Install Job Done

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