1983 BMW R100RS Rebuild: Project Start

In January, I found my next project bike, a 1983 R100RS with 83,382 miles on the odometer. The bike was build on February 9, 1983 and delivered to RPM Motorcycles in Ventura, CA on March 1, 1983.

1983 R100RS Project Bike

1983 R100RS Project Bike

Original Dealer Prep Date, March 1, 1983 (European Date Form)

Original Dealer Prep Date, March 1, 1983 (European Date Form)

I created a project index page where I’ll post links to the procedure write-ups as I work on the project. I’ll also post short introductory blogs for each phase of the work as I did for the 1973 R75/5 restoration project I completed on July 4, 2014.

This is the link to my initial inspection and extensive “before” photos I took.

Based on the inspection, I plan to do a major service, carburetor and petcock rebuild, and any other essential maintenance. Then I will ride the bike for a couple hundred miles so I have a baseline for how the bike runs and handles before I dive into the rebuild.

2 thoughts on “1983 BMW R100RS Rebuild: Project Start

  1. I have a 81 R100 that I am setting up to attach a Ural sidecar. It will be of great interest to follow your project. Thanks


    • Hi Pete,

      And, one direction I might take on this build is add a sidecar as well. I’m mulling that option over and haven’t make the decision yet. Let me know how you like the Ural hack when you get that on the road.


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