“Motorcycles and Other Musings” is Now “Brook’s Airhead Garage”

I started this blog back in 2009 as a general blog space with the original name “Motorcycles and Other Musings” to cover the expected content. As is often the case with an idea, it takes it’s own course and becomes what it is meant to be.

This blog is 90% about BMW Airhead motorcycles I’ve worked on in Brook’s Garage which I had built in 2012. SO ….

I changed the name of the blog to better reflect what it has become over the past 10 years.

Same content, same author, same passion for helping amateurs keep their classic BMW airhead motorcycle(s) running smoothly.

I also updated my YouTube channel to use the same name.

–> Brook’s Airhead Garage-YouTube Channel

I have created over 50 short videos that are used in the documentation of the various rebuilds I have done. The number of subscribers for my YouTube channel is just about the same size as for this blog.

And, I’m starting to plan for another restore/rebuild project soon. The bike is a 1983 R100RS. I may do a “resto-mod” on this bike, or I may not. I’m still thinking about the direction I want to take.

Stay tuned …



8 thoughts on ““Motorcycles and Other Musings” is Now “Brook’s Airhead Garage”

  1. Whats in a name when the content is so appealing?
    Although the old name sounded more personal this is the passion coming out.
    honestly expected the new name to reflect a commercial venture!

    • Hi Graeme,

      Thank you for your note. I have many “musings”, but they don’t fit well in the context of the airhead projects I documented. So I felt it was time to make a change.

      I’m a ROF (Retired Old Fart), so I really don’t have a commercial interest. That said, when folks have come by Brook’s Garage and want to pay me for the help I’ve provided, I decline and encourage them to make a financial contribution to Motorcycle Relief Project (https://www.motorelief.org/).


  2. Thanks for your email invite and I will stay tuned. You are a wealth of info and a real go to source. Thanks for all you do. Have not looked, are you on Facebook?

    • Hi Dale,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I am not on Facebook for all the reasons they have been negatively in the news. I’ll stay off my soapbox on that topic. 🙂


  3. Thank you for all your hard work on this wonderful resource. It has inspired me and helped me a lot with restoring my R50/5 and R90/6.

    • Hi Curtis,

      Cool beans. I’m pleased this material has been helpful to you on your restoration projects. And thanks for doing your part to keep two of these unique machines on the road. 🙂


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