1983 R100RS Install Push Rod Tubes & Head Studs

I decided to install 9.5:1 high compression pistons used in the earlier RS engines instead of the original 8.2:1 pistons used in the 1983 RS motor. Due to variability in piston diameter and the tight clearance required with Nikasil cylinders, the advice of Tom Cutter at Rubber Chicken Racing Garage is to replate the cylinders with Nikasil and hone them so they provide the optimal clearance with the new pistons. So I sent the cylinders and new pistons to him to have this done, but before I did, I removed the push rod tubes and the head studs from the cylinders. You can see how I do that here:

Now I am ready to install new stainless steel push rod tubes and the original head studs into the cylinders.

Here is a link to the write-up.

And a short video summarizing the procedure.

VIDEO: 1983 BMW R100RS Install Push Rod Tubes & Head Studs

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