1983 R100RS Install Connecting Rods & Cam Followers

I had the connecting rods inspected, reconditioned, and new wrist pin bushings installed by Tom Cutter at Rubber Chicken Racing Garage.

Connecting Rod Parts

Connecting Rod Parts

I did that since this engine has over 83,000 miles on it. As Tom said about the life of connecting rods:

“Metal parts get deformed when they get traumatized by 270 TRILLION
combustion cycles (4500 RPM, 60 MPH, 100,000 miles= 270 and more zeroes
than I have left in my computer.) Just a lotta lotta little taps will make
metal flow. In the case of connecting rods, that becomes manifested in
misaligned and ovalled bearing bores. Wristpins rock, both radially as well
as axially, which deforms the small-end bushings. That stuff needs
attention on a high-mileage engine reconditioning.”

Here is how I install the reconditioned rods and the cam followers.

And here is a short video summarizing the procedure.

VIDEO: 1983 R100RS Install Connecting Rods & Cam Followers

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