1973 BMW R75/5: Bing Carburetor Restoration

Over the Christmas holiday, I restored the Bing carburetors. A restoration is a bit more work than a rebuild since the goal is to restore the finish to factory new condition as well as replace worn parts and all the O-rings and gaskets. Much of the time invested is in cleaning and polishing all the parts. You can access the web page about this using the this link:

which is also on the list of pages to the right. I’m using BMW parts subsystem numbers for the rebuild blogs so you can correlate the procedures with the parts.  You can see the numbers on Hucky’s R75/5 parts ordering page.

Here are some before and after pictures.

Carburetor in Decent Shape

Before-Barn Fresh

Before Soak, After Soak

Outside, Left No Cleaning, Right After Parts Washer

Before Soak, After Soak

Inside, Left No Cleaning, Right After Parts Washer

Cleaned and Polished, Outside View

Outside, Rebuilt and Restored

Cleaned and Polished, Inside View

Inside, Rebuilt and Restored

Cleaned & Polished - Top View

Top, Rebuilt and Restored